The first training module for current and future Tenchi Tessen teachers took place at the Dojo Tenchi in October 2008 under the guidance of Master Georges Stobbaerts, founder of this “Art of Movement” which is the lineage of our school.

One of the approaches to this training is made by means of the brush stroke and is based on applying some aspects of this skill to movements which are part of the foundations of Tenchi Tessen.

Without entering into the study of calligraphy, basic exercises of this millenary art are used as a point of departure for movements expressed with ink on paper and, subsequently, in space with the Tessen, symbol of the breath.

In order to progress further in the “Art of Movement”, prior to the calligraphy, our practice requires homage to be paid to silence. It is this silence that leads to a correct view and intuition and sustains our experience.

This practice is complemented by theoretical courses.

The invisible is discovered by means of the visible in a spirit of “no-action”. Mastering the style and the movement, based on attention to detail and inner discipline, is the fruit of long apprenticeship.

Tenchi Tessen also lends itself to the expression of sensitivity to music. Energy and concentration meet in the breath and attitude of the body, which are of great importance; inspired rhythms inform the movements of Tenchi Tessen.

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