Having faithfully taught the technique and spirit of Aikido according to Master Ueshiba and the Arts of Budo for many years, George Stobbaerts  is himself a melting pot in which strong eastern and western influences merge: the martial arts of Kerala in Southern India, Moroccan and Andalusian Sufism, enchanting Spanish Flamenco, the meticulousness and exuberance of Hindu dances, the spiritual starkness of the Japanese disciplines. Little by little the quintessence of Zen, Yoga and the spirit of Budo have melded in this Athanor to create a highly symbolic art of movement in which the fan substitutes the sword: TENCHI TESSEN.

In Japanese Ten Chi means Heaven-Earth, the primordial pair, between which stands man, separating and uniting them simultaneously on account of his verticality and pivotal position. Tessen means fan and represents the breath of life that animates and creates harmony. It is also the human instrument par excellence, which, open, reveals the multiplicity of possibilities and, closed, returns them to unity.

This hieratic dance is an art of movement which takes place in the present moment. It does not aspire to be a spectacle for others but rather a practice for the individual. It is also a group choreography in which opposing poles such as creativity and receptivity, firmness and gentleness, the tender fragility of the bamboo and the blazing lightening of the perfect gesture manifest themselves. It is with admiration and pleasure that we witness the birth of this new yet traditional art that embodies so many emblematic  concepts. Harmoniously and with equal emphasis, it unifies the Body and Consciousness.

Tara Michael
Researcher at the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, France

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